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Conscience [ kon-shuh ns ]

is a cognitive process that elicits emotion and rational associations based on an individual’s moral philosophy or value system.

Our Advantage

Conscience Talent Consulting (CTC) provides services to all types of companies who have a passion for their people. Our services are centered around Human Capital Management (HCM) with an aim to improve the people process in the talent acquisition and retention landscape. Our expertise allows our clients to be effective both internally with programs like succession planning and externally with recruitment initiatives.

We understand not only the needs of companies that use talent solutions, but also the mindset of some of the most award-winning recruiting and staffing agencies globally.

Our service expertise allows us to be fast and flexible. Our precision enables us to always operate with full-disclosure. We can work on short deadlines or engage in lengthier people projects from cradle-to-grave. A few benefits of working with Conscience Talent Consulting:

  • Established partnerships with industry leaders and influencers for real time market data
  • Hands on experience with multiple Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and Recruitment platforms
  • Network of qualified consultants, candidates and companies to accomplish any task
  • Travel ready in order to provide on-site visits for heightened commitment and engagement
  • Virtual company structure at low costs in order to reduce overhead mark-ups
  • Minority Owned Business and Historically Underused Business (HUB) Compliant

Our principle leadership has 15 years of management and operational experience, focused on understanding the corporate landscape. Of that, 10 of those years come from the recruitment consulting industry. Furthermore, 5 of those years our principle management worked within senior leadership focused in on Human Capital Management processes.

Our Clients

The market demands a trusted voice to navigate the $150 Billion staffing and workforce solutions industry. 2018 saw an industry growth range of 3-4% and Staffing Industry Analysis (SIA) projects another 3% growth for 2019 and beyond.

Conscience Talent Consulting was created to enhance the human experience in the Human Capital Management programs of our clients. We aim to bridge the gap between Talent, Talent Acquisition Teams, and Talent Agencies for the sole purpose of making the people process better.

Talent Acquisition Teams
Conscience Talent Consulting has clients in every industry and of all sizes. We are an ideal partner if you are a business owner, group director, human resources/talent acquisition leader, procurement manager, president, or CEO who wants to improve their people process, increase morale and/or reduce costs from your external talent programs.

Specifically, we can help you vet an external recruiting/staffing agency, train internal staff on talent acquisition best practices, set KPI’s for hiring initiatives, or conduct confidential recruitment searches.

Talent Agencies
For recruiting and staffing companies, our tailored services are created to increase the customer experience to the benefit of your sales goals. We approach these methodologies with the primary focus of retaining internal talent and the current client base. We understand growth is imperative for recruiting and staffing agencies, therefore our consulting centers around both increased revenue and profit margins with a people centric approach. Our land and expand models have proven to increase our clients EBITDA and market share.

Our SErvices

CTC offers our consulting expertise to companies who understand that people are the most important puzzle piece to the talent acquisition process and ultimately their business operations. Human Capital Management is an important company process, but our clients know that it takes a conscience effort to keep people a priority.

We understand that no matter what size our client company is, it is easy to get bogged down and pulled into many directions at once. Utilizing our services, allows our clients to minimize their time and efforts in HCM areas that need the most assistance. After engaging with our consulting program, all our clients notice an increase in efficiency and productivity within their people programs.

Operation Services Include:

  • Applicant Tracking System Selection Assistance
  • External Staffing Partner Vetting
  • Hiring Project KPI Creation & Tracking (External & Internal)
  • Internal New Hire Referral Plan Program Generation 
  • Organizational Chart Assistance
  • Recruitment Best Practices & Training
  • Recommendations & Vetting for Human Capital Management Suppliers
  • Staff Succession Planning
  • Staffing Change/Risk Management (Employee Transitions)

Recruitment Services Include:

  • Executive and Retained Search
  • Job Description Creation, Editing & Updating 
  • Off-site Recruitment Representation
  • On-Site & Virtual Recruiting Assistance
  • RFI, RFP and/or RFQ Assistance (HCM Focused Project Bids)
  • Talent Sourcing for Future Bid Wins

Our Vetting

Conscience Talent Consulting aims to bridge the gap between the Talent, Talent Acquisition Teams and Talent Agencies for the sole purpose of enhancing the human experience in the Human Capital Management programs of our clients. Our sole purpose of existence is to help our clients, their employees and potential new employees have the best experience possible.  

CTC understands that not every company is a client fit and we aren’t a fit for every company. We vet our potential clients similar to how we’d expect them to vet us. After our free pre-screening is done and terms are agreed upon, CTC blocks out time for the duration of the consultancy. 

We believe in being available for our all clients until the jobs is done by only adding new clients when demand and time are mutual. If you believe that people are the most important part to your HCM process and programs fill out the form to request a free consultation now.

Peoples Prosperity Campaign

We live in a time where our communities and our people have an opportunity to live and live more abundantly. In today’s marketplace, we have seen corporations and individuals prosper by following several laws of abundance. In truth, if our corporate communities are willing to follow the formulas of success and shared growth, there is nothing we cannot accomplish. 
We live in a world where everything is available to us. In an era of existence where our livelihoods have become heavily commercialized and commotized, Conscience Talent Consulting continues to campaign for the prosperity of the people. Everyone can get behind a movement of inclusion if it meant that they too would prosper. This is true for this generation and all generations to come.  
We live in an era where Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging is for all people. There is no division when the people come together for the greater good. CTC, our clients and our partners bridge the gap between the ideas of scarcity to those of prosperity. We all can benefit from the economic work we do as a people, not just only a select few. 
We live in one of the best fiscal times on record and yet, not all get to experience the riches that are available. Peoples Prosperity Campaign is a conscience movement that allows all business types to join in the corporate community to create a more prosperous life for all.